Oppenheim, Bernhard

Birth Name Oppenheim, Bernhard
Call Name Issachar Baer
Gramps ID I2103
Gender male
Age at Death 69 years, 11 months, 25 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth 1790 Strážnice (Strassnitz)  
1 2
Death 1859-12-26 Ivančice (Eibenschütz)  


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Oppenheim, Chaim [I2098]
Mother Fränkel, Perla [I2102]
         Oppenheim, Bernhard [I2103]
    Brother     Oppenheim, Abraham [I2104]
    Sister     Oppenheim, Rifka [I2105]
    Sister     Oppenheim, Mirjam [I2106]
    Sister     Oppenheim, Nanna [I2107]
    Brother     Oppenheim, Elkol [I2108]


    Family of Oppenheim, Bernhard and Gold, Schoendl [F0947]
Unknown Partner Gold, Schoendl [I2685]
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage 1812-09-28 Strážnice (Strassnitz) Witness: Joachim Oppenheim and Moses Gold


Austrian rabbi; born at Strassnitz, Moravia, about 1790; died at Eibenschütz Dec. 26, 1859. He received his first instruction from his father, Ḥayyim, rabbi in Strassnitz, afterward continuing his studies under Baruch Fränkel, rabbi in Leipnik, where he married. About 1830 he was called as rabbi to Eibenschütz, where he remained until his death. Two of his sons, David and Joachim, became rabbis, and his daughter Hinde married Isaac Hirsch Weiss. Responsa of his are found in the collection of Moses Sofer (Yoreh De'ah, No. 345) and in the Hebrew supplement of "Der Treue Zionswächter."

Bibliography: Wertheimer, Jahrbuch für Israeliten, vii. 155-156, Vienna, 1860;
Dembitzer, Kelilat Yofi, ii. 58b, Cracow, 1893;
Fuenn, Keneset Yisrael, p. 178;
Eisenstadt-Wiener, Da'at Ḳedoshim, pp. 172, 176;
Deborah, 1902, pp. 7, 86.



Type Value Notes Sources
Dresnitz true


  1. Oppenheim, Chaim [I2098]
    1. Fränkel, Perla [I2102]
      1. Oppenheim, Bernhard
        1. Gold, Schoendl [I2685]
      2. Oppenheim, Abraham [I2104]
      3. Oppenheim, Rifka [I2105]
      4. Oppenheim, Mirjam [I2106]
      5. Oppenheim, Nanna [I2107]
      6. Oppenheim, Elkol [I2108]


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